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Thread: i just got a trap today

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    i'll remember that...
    one of my closed traps is turning really brown and it is very thin....i was wondering if it is on its death bed?
    and when i trimmed off the dead ones, half of the stem was black too, so i trimmed it that right?
    sorry bout all the questions...i'm just curious...

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    Sorry for not saying WELCOME earlyer so WELOCOME

    since you are situated were you are once u introduce your plant too full direct sunlight you will be able to leave it outside alll day I live in Caledonia neer hamilton and I leave mine outside all day.

    also yes u should trim theat brown trap quick it seems as soon as something on your vft starts to go brown it keeps going brown

    as for trimming the leave you should not trim any leaves unlesss they are going brown or when there is no trap on them and your plant is large enoph I would not do this till it's about a year old!
    The medicated state of mind you find is overrated

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    Quote (BigBaldBob @ July 25 2002,6:23)
    if u buy it from whiterose u have a gaurantee for three months for all tropical plants and u can bring it back by 3 months and get ur money back if it died on u funny how they cant write an extra line for carnivorrous plants since vfts arent tropical[/QUOTE]
    I work at White rose, and we only get VFTs and other CPs (from guberls, or that two inch pot company) as novelty items. The odd personthere knows how to care for it, and its not like the store is gonna go buy special water for it... If I do recall correctly, they are guarenteed, but you need the receipt, and I'm not sure what happens if you repot it. We end of writing off, and throwing out about three plants or any other leftovers.

    Right now we have some S. purpurea ssp. venosa, and aside from myself there is a layd there who does know how to care for it (tho she istna a CP freak, just an all around plant freak), and we water them/flood them well, but like i said. We're not gonna go buy special water, its not practical. I suppose same goes for Lows, home depot, etc.

    I inquired as to where or when we get them, i was told that they just come with some other plants we order, Orchids I"m guessing, kuz the VFTs are from Gublers... So its not like we choose to have them shipped, they just sorta come (or at least tahts wut I think... noone from our store is the person who actually orders in the plants...... we can say what we need, but someone elses does allt hat work)...

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