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Thread: Arghhhh. Fungus attacking VFT

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    I bought the VFT a couple weeks ago and they were doing fine. I fed it bottled water for about a week till I found this site. They now have a diet of distilled water. But I in the past few days I noticed traps were dying. . . and today I found a fungus (or greyish/greenish fuzzy mold) on one of the dying leaves and a little on the soil around the base of the plant. Am I overwatering the plant? (I usually keep it sitting in a 1/4" of water every other day.)

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    Hi and welcome to the forums !

    Fungus is usually due to high humidity and poor air circulation. VFTs don't need high humidity like some tropical plants. Most VFTs do fine as long as it is 35% and higher. To improve air circulation you can place it outside or near an open window. Direct sunlight won't hurt them once they are adjusted to it. They actully do best with lots of direct sun. You can cut the dead leaves off to prevent the fungus from spreading and gently scrape the top mm or so of soil off where ever it has fungus. You can also try wiping it off with a q-tip.
    If worse comes to worse you can use a fungicide.
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