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Thread: How do i?....

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    Quote (scottychaos @ Sep. 15 2003,5:54)
    I think we are both right, we just arent talking about exactly the same thing!

    I agree


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    Hey I see my post here

    My vfts did great all winter with lots and lots of light.I had 4- 40 watt light shop lights with 1 cf that was 40 watts and another that was 25 watts . Once the weather got to hot for the lights I had to move the plants out side in full shade were they had much less light.( Could not put them in our Arizona 115f or they would have cooked) .. the plants are back inside now in a window there still not getting the light they did in the winter.I think the less light was a big part of the reason of why they need to go into the frig now. They started to seem to go dormant as soon as I cut the light back . It was not the temp because there Temps they have been in have been higher then 79f from the time I got them . To be on the safe side I am going to pop them into the frig and put the cape sundews in my green house


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    Oh yeah I left out I dont have just 2 Vfts I really have 8 .

    3 large RED vtf flowering size plants there the ones that look the worst . < First vfts I got. Plants from this site. Nov/2002

    I have mid size green Vft that one is doing a little better but it still looks like its going to need to go in the frig soon . I got that green one 1/12/2003 .

    I have 3 very little vfts that I got off of e bay . Im not sure when I got them some time before 1/12/2003 1 out of the 3 died and one is doing really well dont get why.

    I also have a red D vft the traps got super small .

    All my vfts were doing really great in the winter under the lights. Only when I moved them to an area with less light in june did they start to slow in growth.

    Maybe they thought it was winter when I moved ?

    Cant be due to temps we never seem to get cold here in Arizona its 88f now and 8:45 at night .


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