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Thread: Dang i'm hooked now

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    After reading all the forums I'm hooked now on trying to grow some CPs.

    I ordered a Pitcher palnt,a Sundew,and a Green Dragon VFT. The plant care FAQs recommend that the Sundew and Pitcher Plant be kept sitting in a tray of water.

    My question is: can I keep the Green Dragon VFT in the same manner or will it rot? Or perhaps I could keep the VFT in the same tray but elevated on stones so the base is not submerged.Thoughts and tips greatly appreciated.

    I live in the high desert of central Oregon and humidity here is almost nonexisttant.I am growing a common VFT in a terrarium but I have no more room for more plants or another terrarium.Outdoor growing is out of the question here due to climatic considerations.

    I could move to the other side of the Cascade range where the humidity is soggy year round but the wife says that's a bit extreme.(just kidding)

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    I keep my VFT's in a tray with just enough water that it will dry out in about 2 days, when it's empty I fill it again.
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