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Thread: i was reading back on page eleven

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    the topic turned to genes in the variations in vft's no the were saying that dente green dragons and red dragons cannot produce anything but common vfts it doesnt make sensei have learned a bit about genetics and unless the variations are sterile producingno offspring then some of the seeds not all should be those special breeds if you breed those breeds together due to the dominant and recessive traitsthose breeds are probably all recessive to the common vft but some offspring should be hybrids. but may be i just dont understand the whole cloning thing cn someone explain if you look back at page eleven under the dente topic

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    You just shouldn't propagate them from seed. If you did go ahead and try, probably only a small number would have the appearance of the parent. You CAN propagate them through division of leaf cuttings and they'll grow true to type.
    Does that answer your question?

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