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Thread: Lighting questions

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    My fly traps keep getting damaged from outside growing conditions so I got a 30 gallon aquarium. What kind of lighting would be best for indoor growing. The light needs to be 23 inches long how hard would it be to find a light to fit the tank?

    I got the tank at an auction so it was cheap but had lime all over the glass. What do you think would be the best to get some left over mildew off of the glass?

    Would chemicals from bathtub cleaner hurt the flytraps if I rinsed the tank after I used the cleaner?

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    Hi Fanatic,
    Lighting is a complicated subject, its discussed quite a bit in the Greenhouse, Terrarium, Bog garden section, Ive read it all, and frankly I'm just as confused as I was before so I will leave that part for someone else to answer...
    As for using chemicals to clean the tank, I used Lime Away to remove calcium buildup on a tank without any harmfull effects that I've seen. You should be fine as long as you make absolute sure you get it all out.. give it a couple extra rinsings if you are worried.. then dry it out and it should be fine.
    Good luck with your plants
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