Everyone's right about leaving the dome off for the most part...but don't forget that it can get cold on some nights. I've grown my VFT in both Burbank (So Cal) and Arcata (about as northern CA as it gets) so I know that temperature can be a huge factor.

When I was in No. CA I left it in a dome on a windowsill on a typical rainy day...and the sun came out when I was at school. Boiled VFTs resemble boiled lettuce . Luckily, my plant (barely) survived.

The VFTs seem to prefer 40F min - 85Fmax (with air circulation). In a dome, I kept mine 50F - 75F (with lots of humidity) and it was at its happiest.

I recently have been having the problem with my plant going into half-hibernation because it doesn't get quite cold enough here, so keep in mind that you might have to pop your plant in the fridge next winter.

Personally, rainwater almost killed off my plant (when it actually DID rain) so keep a keen eye on how your VFT reacts when it rains.