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Thread: Transplanting?

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    I'v been reading over your webpage for about 2 hours learning stuff on these awesome plants, but my main consern is size. After i pulled the plasic cover off my trap it expanded, so when i try to put it back on the traps get in the way, so i'll move them and one of them accidently got closed. another got closed when i tried to put the lid around it to push down, i read that trasplanting is hard on the pant, what if i dont' touch the roots, just cut open the pot, and use the moss allready on the plant and put it in a bigger pot, with more moss surrounding it? wow that was confusing and hard to write, if you don't get what i'm saying let me know i'll try to make that easier to understand

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    Hey Regin,


    I wouldn't repot right now. You are in the middle of the growing season and doing something like that will stun the plant.

    If you wanted to repot I would do so in the Winter or when the plant comes out of dormancy.

    But yes you would be correct in taking all the soil...that is the easiest way NOT to damage the roots.

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