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Thread: My flytrap needs help

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    Quote (Vertigo @ Sep. 08 2003,10)
    Just watch the center of the plant for new traps forming. As long as they come up fine, nothing to worry about. <!--emo&[/QUOTE]
    Bear in mind that its time for dormancy. Do not panic if your VFT starts producing shorter fatter leaves and then does nothing for awhile. Check out the topic on dormancy at the top of the General Discussions page and you will probably find answers to any questions you have about dormancy. Also, read the FAQ pages that SnowyFalcon posted above. That is pretty much a bible for cultivating VFTs.

    Good Luck
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    Hi all,
    I just purchased a small VFT at our local plant nursery. I have it standing (pot, soil and plant) in a shallow dish of about 1" distilled water next to a North-East facing window. Gets light but not direct or very hot.
    Now when it is time for the plant to go into dormancy what should I do with it? Not very cold in the winter in Southern California.


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