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    I have a very small terrarium purchased from lowes about 4"x4"x10". Inside are pitcher plants, VFT's and sundew....It is getting pretty crowded in there and I am thinking about transplanting to a small aquarium...what would be a good side and is there anything special i need to know about moving them...i am new to the plants and don't want them dying off. Right now several pitchers have turned brown and several traps have died.

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    If you don't have them in seperate pots, for the VFT's your best bet would be to put them into their own individual 4 inch pots. It makes it much easier to move them for dormancy, etc. I don't know much about the other plants yet, so someone else will have to help you there!
    My setup is a 23 gallon glass aquarium. I have 4 VFT's, 2 sundews and some mimosa seedlings (not CP's). There is still PLENTY of room for more plants. I have 3 lights in the lid, 2 60 watt cool glo grow lights and one 90 watt of the same. My plants are all about 8-10 inches from the light, and so far the VFT's seem to be doing really well. I lose a trap from time to time too...but I'm trying not to transplant mine until after dormancy. I just clip them off and I'm still getting new growth. As long as you're seeing new growth the plant itself should be fine! Hope this helps a bit....
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