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Thread: Terrarium

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    Hello all newbie here just wondered what you thought would be good for a terrarium. I was thinkin maybe a goodsized fish bowl that would house two plants to begin with adn then maybe get more. What else would i need i live in a fairly humid area (Iowa) and so i don't think i will have to worry about that. i know you guys (and gals) should help thanx in advance. o yeah i saw the one in the FAQ but i don't want to put all that money in for a terrarium

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    If your objective is to grow VFTs, there is no need for a terrarium. Simply put the potted plant(s) in a shallow tray with an inch of pure (distilled or RO) water and planty of light. That is all you need to do.

    If you really want a terrarium, get an old aquarium. It can even leak because you can put a shallow tray in the bottom to hold a bit of water.

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