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Thread: Location and feeding questions

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    I live in central florida, and I just purchased a small vft so my 4 year old could learn about different kinds of plants. I read on this web site in florida you should not keep your vft in direct sun. I would like to keep it in the house with the cover that came with it. How often should I remove the cover and put it outside to catch insects (living here we have a mass of them and spend a lot of energy keeping them out of the house with 2"palmetto bugs i.e. huge roaches I have to).... I don't want the plant to starve, but I want it accessible to my daughter. Should I keep it in a window sill and put it out for feeding, or will that stress the plant, and if I can just put it out for feeding how often. Is it recommended due to the 100 degree heat index that I put it out at night when it rarely gets below 75 deg. in the summer? How many months of dormancy does it need, and how cold should it get(is the fridge the best place we don't really get a winter here). If there are any other tips for my area or any plant helping tips I would appreciate the help. I'm sorry to ask so many questions but it is hard to find specifics anywhere on all this.

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    read my care sheet , it should help , and i think its ok to grow your plantsin direct sunlight but try to give it a bit of shade .

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    VFTs love direct sun but they donít handle temps above 90ļF too well. The roots are especially sensitive to these warm temps. Sunlight on dark colored pots aggravates the problem by speeding up the heating of the VFTs soil. I have my plants on the east side of my house now, where they receive direct sun from 8:OOam to 1:3Opm and full shade from 1:3Opm on. They are doing much better now than they were when I had them on the west side. They got more light but there, but they also suffered from the higher heat that comes with the afternoon sun. I leave them outside all day long. You should be able to do the same thing except on the hottest days when you may have to move them into the shade or bring them inside to a nice sunny window if they wonít get too hot there.

    As for covering your VFT, you can eliminate it altogether. They can handle very low humidity if the VFTs soil is kept moist. The best way to do this is to set them in trays that are slightly bigger in diameter than the plant pot and keep about a Ĺ" of purified water in the tray. My plants experience very low humidity daily during the summer and because of the humidity from evaporating water in the tray and the moisture in the soil they are growing well. Also, donít remove the cover all at once, especially on new plants. Do it gradually over many days so the leaves get a chance to adapt to the dryer air outside the dome.

    Carnivorous plants wonít starve if the donít catch an insect. They can photosynthesize food just like any other plant. Bugs are like little fertilizer pills though, and give the plant a little boost to make up for nutrients that are missing from their soil. Keep in mind that the traps will only close 4 to 5 times before they wonít close anymore. After this they will still photosynthesize until they eventually die. At which time you can either leave the dead trap alone until the whole leaf dies or trim the dead part of the leaf or the dead trap off.

    Dormancy should last 3 to 4 months. If your temps donít get into the 40į to 55įF during the winter then you should put them into the fridge for their dormancy. If you use the feature above, you will find a lot of threads about dormancy from last year. If you haven't checked out the Plant Care link at top of the page then you should look at that page now also. There is also Barry Rice's FAQ pages that are very informative on all aspects of growing VFTs. Here's his VFT dormancy FAQ pages:VFT Dormancy methods.

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    Quote (BigCarnivourKid @ July 04 2003,07:11)
    They can handle very low humidity if the VFTs soil is kept moist. [/QUOTE]
    I doubt that low humidity would ever be a problem in Fla (I dont miss that hot sticky humid air one little bit lol)
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