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    okay i bought my plant in a little store and the instructions just said to give it plenty of water and light. i have the pot sitting in a cup of spring water and he recieves sunlight but not directly. He two of the traps ate, on two occasions, lately he won't eat so i got worried. am i giving to much water and not enough light. Also every new shoot dies before it totally opens and now the largest traps are starting to die. Help please with any advice. oh yeah he has grown a lot since i got him!

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    Could be the 'spring water'. Spring water is not necessarily free of minerals. Infact some has added sodium to make it a little less flat tasting.

    I would recommend you get some bottled distilled water and flush the pot out from the top several times. Then just keep a little distilled water in the tray.

    As for light. Yes VFT prefer very bright light. Some sun would be beneficial. You have to adjust the plant slowly though so it doesn't get burned from a sudden increase in light levels.
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    Hi magpie,
    Welcome to the forum !
    I agree with Tony. Avoid spring water or any water that has had minerals or 'something' added to improve its flavor. Generally distilled water, Reverse Osmosis (RO) water, and rain water can be used to water your plant. Flytraps and other CPs come from environments that are low in minerals and other nutrients, so their roots are very sensitive to mineral build up in their soil. Rinse your soil several times as Tony suggested to remove the minerals.
    Also, you don't need to feed it. It will do fine without bugs. Whatever you do, don't feed it hamburger or other people food.

    Take care and hope to see you active in the forums!
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    Tony hit the nail on the head.

    Ditch the spring water, get reverse osmosis or distilled (about 47 cents a gallon for most of the country)

    give bright filtered sunlight, pretty much the most you can find in your house. And of course, do it slowly.
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