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Thread: scales on my vft

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    I have scales on my vft. they are a pail yellow in color they dont aper to have a test (hard shell like an Oyster Scale) on them so I beleve they may still be crowlers. Normaly I would use soap to kill an insect pest but im consernd about the soaps posible effects on this plant. Anybody have any sugestions on clearing up these scales?

    I just found that there are crawlers all over my trap and pot. I know I can take them out with a soap dip but im still consernd about teh soaps effects on the plant.

    I found the sorce of the scales. The Fire Bushes outside teh window I keep the trap in are coverd with crawlers.

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    hey blata,

    2 things you can do

    1) get a flea collar. Place it in a sandwhich baggie. Place by soil with the it opened. Just make sure not to get the collar on the soil or place it in the water.

    2) Take the plant, get a bowl of distilled water, and place the whole plant in it for 1-2 days. That should kill them.

    3) malathion - a pesticide. dilute 1/3 - 1/4 strenght and spray the plant.

    Other than that, there isn't much. I haven't used a pesticidal soap on the plant. So I can't recommend it.

    Let us know how your plant does !!

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