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Thread: where to buy?

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    i always see posts about other kinds of vft's on here, yet pft doesn't carry them. where do you guys/gals buy these vft's from? i understand that these are exotic gardens message boards, so please email me any reputable web sites that sell other species of vft's.

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    It is cool to post sites that would carry them.

    I appreciate your respect for us

    The only places that I have seen that carry other forms are all overseas.

    Southern Carnivores ( aussie lansd )
    Triffid Park ( aussie ) - There is also a place of similar name that is in the U.K.

    I have come across other sites in the U.K that sell different types, but most either don't ship to the US or the minimums and permits don't allow many people to buy from other places.

    I am and have been trying to get my hands on other types of VFT's so we can make them over here and offer them to everyone ( not the types that have a patent though- unless we arrange a deal. We currently pay 'royalites for Red Dragons and there are other types that would require the same thing ).

    Let me know if you find some, I would be interested in them as well

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