A variation of the leaf cutting technique that I tried this spring and which seems to work very well, was to seperate the leaves from the rhizome when I was transplanting. It didn't matter if it was a large leaf or a leaf with the end half dead. I snapped the leaves off the rhizome 1 to 3 leaves at a time (kinda like pealing apart a celery stalk) and I stuck them in 2" pots filled with 1:1 sphagnum peaterlite and treated them like rooted plants. I placed them in bright indirect light by my south window. Of the 11 pieces I did this with, I only lost one (one the smaller leaves) when I didn't realize that I had washed the peat away from the base of it when I watered it. It was in a planter with several other VFTs that I water from above. All the rest are growing into nice little VFTs .

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I used one of my VFTs that only had growth on one side of the rhyzome so that it wouldn't form a nice rosette when it grew. I decided it would make a good sacri...uhm subject for this experiment