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Thread: Live spaghnum question help!

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    Hey is it possible to grow Spaghnum from dried Spaghnum Ive been hearing rumors that you can grow it from the dried stuff but adding Buttermilk/Yogurt to a blender with the dried Spaghnum. I was told that the Buttermilk/Yogurt acts as a fertilizer for the moss. Let me know what you think of this. If this is a false rumor,can someone tell me where I could buy the live stuff?

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    I think that only works for green sheet type moss that grows on trees or on stones but i could be wrong. If you fertilize living spaghnum moss it will get green oozy algea like stuff on top. Personally i found spaghnum really difficult to grow but maybe i didn't grow it right. Also, it grows extremely slow. If you still want to grow it you can get it from California Carnivores. Their prices are kind of high and they also have an ordering minimum, however every plants i've ever gotten from there is large and very healthy. I'm sure other cp stores sell live spaghnum too but i can't think of any more.

    Good luck!!


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    You can grow live sphagnum from dry, but not by what you said. Sphagnum is special in that it requires as small an amount of nutrient as possible to survive. If you get some sphagnum peat and put it in a pot, you'll probubly sprout sphagnum in a few weeks. However, to be sure you get some, take your dried sphagnum, put in a blender with pure water (be shure you run lots of water throught the peat too to prevent other stuff from growing). Once you blend the moss with water you should have a nice soup full of sphagnum spoors too pour over the peat. Now keep that wet and in the sunlight. Eventually something will pop up. If not, you can probubly traid for a few live sprigs to get a culture started in the traiding center.
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