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Thread: Is He dead?

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    Steam from the shower is composed mostly from water vapor (steam) from the hot water that you use to shower. Most of the minerals are left behind when water turns to steam. Thats why distilled water is fairly pure. This also applies to steam humidifiers that boil water to produce their mist. Ultrasonic humidifiers use high frequincy vibration to break water into very small droplets. The minerals in the water are trapped in the droplets and show as a white film on the furniture as they settle out of the air when the water droplet they are trapped in evaporates.
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    thanks to everyone that answered. I think I know now why the trap died. The cricket's leg is still sticking outside of the trap. I mean, I'm pretty sure the trap is dead, because it's just kinda hanging there lifeless. I did try to feed it a fly a few weeks ago, but it didn't want it, so I figured, "hey! cricket in the basement buggin me, I'll capture it and feed it to Vinny." I guess, not such a good idea? Hopefully this new trap that's forming will do better! Any other tips for a newbie?

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