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Thread: Worried

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    Thank you all very much. This place is very friendly.
    I'll definitely follow your instructions.

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    So the parts w/ black traps along w/ leaves just came right out from the bottom. For the one part that just had a black trap, I just cut the trap off.
    So now I have one large healthy looking trap left with two tiny traps just coming up.
    Now I have to figure out the care. I took the plastic top off the container.
    Problem is I don't exactly live in a warm area. My apartment is usually pretty cold and outside it would freeze overnight. I'm not always around to turn a lamp on or off either. And I don't think the windowsill would provide enough light/heat.

    Any more ideas?

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    Your profile says that you live in Santa Rosa, Calif. You can actually grow your VFT outdoors all year. In fact, you can grow all temperate CP outdoors in your area. Also, you live about 10 miles from one of the great CP experts, Peter D'Amato, who owns California Carnivores in Sebastopol. Go visit Peter. He is a great guy.

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