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Thread: Weird

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    Um, my year round rosetting flytrap is being weird. As most of you know, it's grows habit has lead to a hollow deep center to the plant. I mesured it with a prob a while back and I may have nicked the growing point or something, I honestly don't know, but in sted of making new leaves, the last two weeks it's been swelling red in the center (No joke, it is seriously puffing up) and now it looks like plantlets are poping out of it. I sware, it's like it was pregnent and now is giving birth or something. Has anyone heard of such a bizarr thing befor? I can't figure out what the heck it is trying to do, it is rebelling to having it's flower staulk removed or what? LoL. In all other ways, it's fit as can be, quite lovely right now actually (it has peach traps, which aren't as stunning as the popular reds, but still very nice).
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    Maybe you could show us (via scanner) And post it

    I'm not active on this forum anymore but please check me out on the CPUK Forum - My username there is lil_flytrap_kid

    Thanks =]

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    Yes Darcie, please try to scan a piccie'

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