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Thread: A matter of lethargy

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    Hi Gang,

    imagine my excitement when I saw a fly buzzing around my house yesterday. Now before you go thinking simple pleasures for simple minds, you should know that I just recieved my VFT's 2 weeks ago and have never seen one eat before. I caught the fly, and using tweezers I gently held it in one of the traps. The trap did close, but it did so very slowly. I estimate that it took about 10 seconds until it closed enough to pull the tweezers away. Naturally that didn't reduce my enthusiasm, but I've always been under the impression that they're a little faster than that. I mean I'm not expecting then to snap shut with a bang or anything, but I can't imagine them being able to catch anything on their own by being that slow.

    Is this normal or is it an indication of a possible problem?

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    Probly an old or damaged trap. My plants are able to catch flies no prob. Once it puts a couple totally new traps these should close faster. It may take a couple of new traps before they get up to speed. I think they were a little shocked from the shipping and the plant will be fine. So in time you'll have speedy fly-catching traps.

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    Temperature can have an effect on the speed that they shut. They should be fairly warm to close quickly.

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