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Thread: Growing VFT's outside ( in Indiana )

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    I am new to growing VFT's and would very much like to compliment my flower island outside with some; however, I cannot seem to find any advice or growing tips on how to best go about doing this. I live in Northern Indiana and the plants would be in full sun outside. I have them in there own pots with a mixture of Sphagnum moss, Peat moss, and Sand and was planning on setting them in the ground in their own pots so that I can pull them out of the ground in the winter if I have to, although, I was wondering too if covering them would be enough protection. Also, how necessary is it to really follow the use only rainwater or distilled water rule to watering VFT's? Any advice on getting my VFT's to grow outside is much appreciated.


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    I moved this to the Venus Flytrap topic.

    You are sure to get a lot of advice.


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    I had a grandma that lived in Indiana its a very pretty state from what I seen. Your vfts should be fine outside its perfect weather for them there just remember that the roots need to stay damp at all times and never dry out. I might suggest a drainless pot since it will be in the ground with no water tray. You may also want to give them a partly shaded spot incase you have a realy hot day so they don't get scorched.
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    Hey Vzmahslhadsfaosihdtapihasdlajshetaosfrapioe


    I am glad that you found us. I hope you enjoy the forums and all they have to offer and that you come visit on a regular basis!

    Answers to your questions:

    1) Water. This is a touchy subject that will draw many opinions out. I will offer you what we do here and my thoughts about it.

    Tap water, drinking water, mineral water, bottled water all contain salts, minerals and chemicals. These things WILL build up in the soil over time and will be hazardous to the plants. The roots of the plants are not equiped to deal with nutrients, salts and other things that are in the waters listed above. This is why they have the ability the catch prey.

    Distilled water, rain water, reverse osmosis waters do not contain the minerals, chemials and salts. Distilled and RO water are void of almost everything.

    Since the roots cannot handle the chemicals, and such, these waters are better for the plant.

    You will hear many people say that they use tap water. Some will 'BOO' and some will think nothing of it.

    Tap water is ok for some people b/c they live in areas where it doesn't contain the things mentioned above. But many of these people have had their waters tested for this.

    By not using the 3 recommended waters, you take a chance on the build up and possible killing of the plant.

    To reduce the risk of killing plants, and offering them the best possible growing conditons, it is best to use distilled, rain or reverse osmosis water only!

    You can find distilled water in the store for about a 1$. If you have a few plants, it is ok. If you have a large collection, rain or RO water is cheaper.

    Planting outside:

    I would advise againt planting in the ground, even though you are leaving them in the pots for some of the same reasons as the water. The soil will contain salts, fertilizers, mineals and other things that is harmful for the plant. Plus the ground will pull out the water faster than you can put it in.

    If you are going to grow them outdoors, I would say a patio. Inside, a window with good lighting will be just as good.

    If you leave them outdoors, you want to make sure that the palnts don't freeze in the winter. I am sure that it snows during the winter where you are at.

    If the plant freezes, the plant might die.

    The better thing to do is to put the plant in either the fridge or in your garage. Always keep it moist in the winter, but not wet like the summer. there is an article on dormancy and CP's.

    I hope that this isn't too much info to digest.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    keep us up to date on your plants!

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