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Thread: Filtered water?

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    I was wondering, I don't have any distilled water and it's not going to rain for a while, so can I just use filtered water from my water filter on my sink to water my VFT?

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    If it is a good filter I would say yes. Especially if you don't plan on using it all the time then once in a while is perfectly fine. Filtered water is fine in my experience all the time unless your tap water is exceptionally "dirty". By dirty I mean full of chlorines and salts and whatnot.

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    I agree with Flint.

    But if you can get distilled water...that would be the best. You can get it at most Pharmacy's and Grocery Stores for around 1&#36

    If you use filtered water, I would let it sit an extra day, just to try to let some more things evaporate.

    But I wouldn't use it a lot.

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    If your water filter is a brita, or something like it, then more likely than not it replaces dissolved bicarbonates with dissolved salts...

    A lot of people don't realize this...

    While you can get away with it every now and again, I don't reccomend it, especially if you live in an area with really hard water. Those filters usually go bad pretty quick.

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