Although lumens does indicate which bulb puts out the most light it does not mean that it is one that puts out the most light in the waves lengths usable by plants. Comparing the two for example the second one has less lumens but also based on the kelvin is in a range of light that would have a high proportion in the blue light that plants could use for photosynthesis. Without a spectral graph there really is no way of knowing for sure exactly which bulb would have the highest PAR value (photosynthetic active radiation). They may in fact be equal as far as the plants growth is concerned. Personally I would go with the top bulb only because the plants will look more normal under it and it's kelvin rating indicates it is fairly white so should have sufficient light for photosynthesis.

I would also reiterate that a 20watt bulb is barely sufficient to keep a VFT growing. Try and put it where it can get some natural light as well.