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Thread: Seeds And Stuff

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    I'm new to this whole thing and I have a question:

    Do VFT produce seeds or bulbs and how do I use them to make another plant?

    Also, what about the flowers? I heard you have to cut them off.


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    It is a good Idea to cut off the flower stalks, as the plant uses a lot of energy to produce one, it may kill the plant.
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    VFTs grow flower stalks in the spring which are about a foot high. In the wild where they have lots of sun and warmth, growing such a big thing isn't such a problem, but in 'captivity' it can exhaust the plant. It's usually best to cut it off before it gets too big.
    They can also divide periodically and a new mini plant will appear. If you leave this, eventually you will get a big VFT with 2 growing points. You can take it off the plant and repot it though if you want two plants, alhough it's best to do this in winter / early spring.
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