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Thread: Keep it off the soil?

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    I just got my first trap from wal-mart and the selection was not great..... The leaves and traps looked sick and there was black on the leaves.. I bought it anyway It looks like crap but after a couple of days in the sun it now has 2 small sprouts coming up.. Is their hope for this plant? And should I try to keep the traps and leaves from touching the moss.. I noticed the parts of the plants that were touching it were the ones turning black...

    Please help... Thanks

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    congrats on your new vft and welcome too the forums

    your vft sounds like it is going to be fine
    as for the leaves touching the soil well just let them die unless they are brand new most leaves that are touching the soil are old and dont do muchgood to the plant any way so I would just let them die back

    if you neeed any more info please pm me

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    Hey Derrick, welcome!

    Couple of quick tips:
    1) use only purifies, distilled or rain water. Tap water has too many minerals (and sometimes chemicals).
    2) Use recomended soil mixture. Potting soil will kill it. See the plant care section for good soil. I use spagnum pete moss and perlite in roughly a 2:1 mixture. Seems to work.
    3) place pot in a tray of about 1 inch of water
    4) 4-6 hours of direct sun, but remember to introduce slowly if you sun is strong (like an irishman in hawaiin sun, too much too fast is a sunburn&#33.

    Hope this helps, good luck with the bugger!
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