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Thread: I`m a newbie

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    I just bought my boyfriend a vft as a gift.We have never had one before.I brought the lil guy home and set him in a try water.Now im just setting here looking at him lol now what?

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    Well, if you have the Internet, and it appears you do, look up information regarding the vft you bought.

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    To be a bit more specific, check out similar advice in threads on this forum. There is a wealth of information here. But, to get you started, read the VFT FAQ at

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    You should look through this site and others to find info.
    The basic rules are:

    Give it rain, distilled, or ro water only. Do not give it tap, well, or spring water. Any of these waters will kill it.

    Give it plenty of sunlight. Give it sunlight all day long, but let it get use to the sun slowly by letting sit in the sun for an hour a day then slowly increase it.

    Give it high humidity.

    Do not fertilize it at all, that will also kill it.

    That's the basic. Search the internet for more advanced info or you can contact me and I'll send you some sites and more info about vft's.

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    Thank you!My boyfriend just got home and he loves the lil guy.Looking foward to learning more and of course giving him a name! We have been reading lots of stuff in this forum,thanks again.You are right,its very informative.

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