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Thread: newbe needs help

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    I am a homeschooling mom of a young boy who loves reading about venus fly traps. So I ordered one from --- now I am wondering if the care is going to be to detailed.
    Can you tell me how to care for these plants?
    green dragon
    common vft
    and a pitcher plant
    all potted.
    What do I do with these plants to keep them alive, kicking and eating for our viewing pleasure?
    thanks for the advice

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    All the plants that we ship out have complete instructions. Everything that you need to know will and can be found there ( anything else from this site).


    The important points...

    DISTILLED water only( Or you can use water from a reverse Osmosis filter and rain water)!! that is the thing that will kill the plant the fastest. If you water the plant(s) with anything else...they will die. They will not come back. All other waters (including tap water and drinking water0 contain salts that are harmful to the plant. So the best advice is to pick up a gallon of distilled water from the store for less than a buck.
    When you water the plants....set them in a tray of water and fill the tray with water. Do not water the plant from the top.

    The plant also LOVES light...give it as much light as you can. You can put the plants on a windowsill that faces north/south. Or you can place them under artifical light. If you do this ...use cool white light with lots of lumens ( it says on package). 10-14 hours a day will be perfect!!!

    The plants do not have to 'eat' bugs. Just think of it as fertilizer for the plant. Too much will kill it ( or stun it)...too will just not grow as fast. But remember that in the wild some plants will never catch a bug. So it is not as important as the light and water.

    Plus the traps that catch the bugs are just modified leaves...leaves do not fret if some die. You should see more coming from the middle of the plant.

    All the care for the different plants that you have are the same. As long as the basic rules are followed...your plants will live forever!!

    Enjoy and happy growing!

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