i'm gonna stop joking around a bit cuz i can see that people really want to know something with no confusion . chlorine ( that stuff for swimming pools ) and chloroform ( that stuff that makes you go to sleep that spies use are not in plants , at least i don't think they are , they are something i added becuz they could like chloroform and chrlorplast . how ddi that winking smile become a curious smile - . " can any of you find a plant with no green at all, its quite impossible " , hhm , this may not have anything to do with this but since it made pople think alot i might as well put this in too " it is impossible to lick your elbow " . ( 75% of people will try this ) . i've heard of the japanese maples ( my favorite maple tree ) , it does'nt have a light amount of green tinge to it if you look carefully and its not always red , some parts of the season i have seen it turn green , i don't own one myself though .the only plant that would have no green is a dead plant . i rarely find a blue plant but most fo the time the blue is in the flower . i have seen a flytrap with WHITE color , meaning no green nor red , whuite like a ghost .