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Thread: Dionaea muscipula!

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    This is the one I've got. I was wondering if there is any interesting info on this particular VFT? Is Dionaea Muscipula very commen, commen, uncommen, rare or really rare? I don't know a thing about the latin names!

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    Thanks =]

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    You could say Dionaea Muscipula is common . Actually, Dionaea Muscipula is the latin name for all the different types of flytrap. I think what you might want to know is which cultivar it would be (Sort of like the different breeds of dogs ). In that case, you would need to post more information on how the plant looks(size of traps, colour, appearance of the "pointy bits" at the ends of the traps, etc.).

    Hope this information helps

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    If their wasn't a cultivar lable on your plant, it's probubly just a typical, but some cultivars go unlabled and are distinctive enough to ID.
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