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Thread: Buying VFT in winter

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    I live in the extreme western half of N.C. and it is hardly the same as in Eastern N.C. I just returned from the beach (it is about 60-70 miles from Wimington) and that was 60-70 degree weather. When I returned to Boone(where I live) it was in the 30's at night and high 40's-low fifties in the day. So from that data it is quite easy to see a huge difference in weather. As for growing my vfts outdoors year round, I am actually going to try that when I can get my hands on a vft that is cheap enough to where if I lose it it won't matter.
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    The plants are recently out of tissue culture so shouldn't need to go dormant this year. Ordering now should be fine just so the plants don't sit in the mailbox for very long in very cold weather. Daytime temps should be fine for now for delivery.
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