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    Greetings all,
    I just have a few simple questions and if someone could please answer them it'd be GREATLY apreciated. I baught 4 Venus Flytraps earlier this year.1 Normal, 1 Red Dragon, and 2 Green Dragons. They are rather big now and fall is aproaching, I was just wondering when I should put them in dormancy,how I should do this and for how long? Also can I re-plant them as they are to big for their current pots,and how do I go about doing this? I am really scared to mess up and hurt or kill my cp's. So some help would be greatly apreciated.
    Thanx for your time,

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    Hey CannibalCP

    First off WELCOME!!! WE are happy that you have found us, and I hope you learn tons and become addicted like the rest of us

    For dormancy check out this link;t=619

    About repotting....

    I would only repot if:

    1) the roots are coming out of the bottom of the pot
    2) if it is spring!

    If you were to repot now, you would disturb the growing season your plants love

    When you repot...

    1) get a larger pot
    2) mix up your soil ( 50% peat moss 50% perlite )
    3) place some new soil in the bigger pot
    4) Turn the pot over that had the plants in them and gently shake them out. You are doing this because you do not want to disturb the roots ( which will lead to shock ).
    5) take the whole thing ( dirt, plant... ) and place in new larger pot
    6) fill soil around edges.


    This way you are not messing with the roots, and the plant has new room to grow.

    Also remember that these plants don't really need to be repotted..they can take the same soil, as long as it is not compacted.

    Hope this helps!

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