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Thread: Yellowing leaves

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    Hi guys,

    I'm new here. I got my first VFT at a local gardening store about 2 weeks ago. Recently I tried leaving it outside during the weekend and found that the leaves started turning a bit yellow. Is this a sign of too much sun or too much heat? Btw this forum has been really helpful in terms of info. Thanks in advance.

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    It may just a sign of normal dying of leaves, or it may have been the sun. It is always a good idea to acclimate the plants to the sunlight first. By the way... Welcome to the forums

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    Yudaz, can you tell us more about your conditions?

    What was it like outside this weekend as opposed to where you usually keep the plant?

    What are you watering with, where did you buy it? (believe it or not, it matters, home depot is notorious for sending you home with dead plants, the bullet is the water, slow release death.)

    And as Cooleo said, traps and leaves usually die off, turn yellow a little, then brown then black. is this happening with all the leaves?
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    a little bit with all the leaves. It seems like only the two biggest traps have a bit of black. I use deionized water and put some in a pan at the bottom of the pot. The only thing is the sun is pretty harsh in california and it was around 90 F. Do you think that could be the attributing factor?

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    It definately could be the amount of light. The sun might have burned it. Was it kept outside previously? Normally you need to acclimate the plant to conditions outside. Recently I put a bunch of my plants outside as opposed to sitting basically against a window, and some of the leaves yellowed, a few burned off completely on the very thin leaved ones, and some dried out. Over all, a lot of the leaves on my plant also looked slightly wilted. They should grow back fine. Just try and give it a little more sun each day, as opposed to me putting one in direct sun almost immediately for at least 8 hours of direct exposure.
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