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Thread: Fly traps not closing fully

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    a couple flies, around 2 got cought in the VFT here on my comp desk at night. and the traps arent cealing shut like one did when i opened it from my package. just wanted to now, is it good or bad for the plant? for it not closing fully and will it digest the fly?

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    How cold is it in the room where your plant is? Generally slow trap movement is due to lower temps... also, sometimes they experience a bit of shock being unpacked and removing the plastic cover. They do come back around pretty quick... but it's something that we've experienced over the past years.

    If the trap doesn't close all the way, the bug will not be digested. If it does open back up, remove the bug so it doesn't cause mold or fungus to grow.

    If the bugs were dead when you put them in the trap, they won't close all the way, or will open right back up in a day or so. If you feed your plant, keep the insect barely alive, so the plant knows it caught something alive!

    Hope this helps!

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    Hey Stefano

    If the temps aren't warm around the plant...the traps may not close all the way.

    Once the plant gets a doens't fully close around it all at once. I should close tight on the bug as the bug continues to try to get out .

    If you just received the plant...they are in a mild state of shock, and should rest just a little bit ( from there rough trip- ever see how a postal worker )

    It should digest the bug...if you notice the trap turning black...just cut off the trap not the whole leaf. The leaf can still produce energy for the plant.

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