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Thread: Where do i get distilled water?

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    I just use platic gallon jugs and I run over to albertsons on my bike and fill 5 gallons for $1.25 it lasts me about 3 weeks. Mainly because I switched most of my plants to a minibog which takes a lot less water
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    I just said this in the thread about RO water, but anyhow...

    I get my RO water free from a friend at Uni. Surely someone must know a sympathetic student / staff member. They also test the quality for me.

    Hope this saves someone a bit of cash,

    [Just editied this bit in]
    I also got my friend at Uni to test the quality of the water from my under sink, carbon filter water purifier. The EC and PH levels was the same in the filtered sample as water straight from the tap!

    Although it tasted a lot better (less chlorine).

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