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Thread: I hope he\'s not sick...

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    I got my fly trap, Audrey II (thank you Litte Shop of Horrors), at the beginning of the school year back in August from this wonderful place. When I got him he had large dark green leaves and traps. I gave him a plate of distilled water and he grew like mad, but the traps were tiny and light-green and the leaves were really long.

    He still growing, but not as quickly and more often than not the traps turn black while they are still little, before they've uncurled from the leaf. Or they may get a little bigger before turning black.

    He's never eaten a fly as long as I've had him (though one did walk through his trap) and he lives under the lamp on my desk. I haven't put him in hibernation because I don't have a fridge I can put him in.

    Oh yeah, and there's some white thin fuzz-looking stuff on a spot of his dirt. It may actually be fuzz, but I'm not sure.

    Will Twoy be ok?

    -Sailor Figment

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    The fuzz seems to be fungi. Sounds like the plant isn't getting enough light to me. Don't worry there is heaps of experienced owners here with some great advice.

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    First of, Wado is right, you need more light... long spindly growth is almost always an indicator that there is to little light...

    The fuzz is most likely fungus, but I think you can solve your problem without a fungicide (also available at petflytrap if you feel the need)


    remember that it is winter now, and your flytrap, probably knows it unless you grow it in a totally artificial environment, so there may be winter dormancy added on top of inadequate light.

    First off, get the plant more light. I reccomend cool white flourescents, as well as plant bulbs and sun bulbs, all available at home depot. Incandescents get to hot, but you can try a compact flourescent that fits in an incandescent fixture.

    The fungus will go away if you do two things: Give it more light, and a little more air movement. If the fungus persists, then you will need to apply a fungicide, for safety's sake, if your a minor, have an adult help you, fungicides in general, are pretty nasty... (never inhale the dust.) I would reccomend Clearys, available here.

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