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Thread: I think i burnt my plant

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    After asking what sunburn was, i think i may have done it. Most of the 1 VFT is fine, except for 1 trap, it stayed closed, became deformed, started turning yellow, and today i start to see it turn black around the edges. I have another VFT that has almost double the size of traps and seems to be in great condition, growing great, have about 4 new traps growing. But the one trap on the other plant seems to be going. Its really the only thing i can tihnk of, its getting plenty of light (obviosuly, about 14hours of 2 flourescent bulbs) and is being watered properly. I wake up at 7am each morning, turn the light on, and leave for the day. I turn it off around 10-12 that night. I tihnk it may be a little much. Any opinions?

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    thats noting! i have them outside all day in a rare spot where there is no shade and get full sun. there doing fine. yours are probably going through dormancy. i have a few traps that are wilting and dying too. as long as new traps are forming, there ok. vfts are generally light loving plants. Zongyi
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