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Thread: Help with cuttings

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    hello all
    well ive decided to take some leaf cuttings of my vfts. my question is how much of the white base is needed/ how far down do you have to pull the leaf? does it just need to have some whiteness down there? when i did it i left the plant in the pot and with one hand i pulled on the leaf and with the other i used large tweezers to kinda push the base of the leaf away from the rhizome. some times it would break early but the base was still white. let me know if my tecnique needs work or if im on the right track!!! thanx a ton!!!
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    Hey Death66,
    What I have found works best is to dig out the soil around where I want to pluck the leaf from. Dig down to a little below where the leaf attaches to the plant. Then use a butter knife or similar object to push the leaf from the base down and away from the plant.. That should get enough of the whiteish part to make successfull cuttings from. Then just backfill the part you dug out on the mother plant.

    Good luck
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