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Thread: I just got a VFT, any tips?

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    Kelu here. Today I got an early B-day present, checked out this site, and became a member. I got the basics of growing VFTs but if there's any little inside secrets anyone wants to share, please do.
    Thankx a bunch!

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    hey Kelu,


    We are happy that you have found us and that you have found the wonderful world of Carnivorous Plants.

    There are a few secerts that you should know....

    We have just started working on a CP FAQ site and it is loaded with questions and answers, there you will find just about everything that you need to know.

    If you think of something to add, you can submit a questionit will be answered and added to the FAQ page.

    The address is

    Keep us up to date on how your plant is doing, and if you have a camera, you can send a photo in and we will add it to the user gallery.

    my email address is

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    Hi Kelu!

    First off...welcome to the forums!

    You will probably have more success with your question posted under the VFT forum. I can't move your question there but I'm sure one of the moderators for this forum (which is for questions concerning Exotic Garden's company and products) will come by and move it. There is lots of help and tips to be found here so I hope you come back often and join in the community. Lots of nice folks! It won't be long before you will wanting to try other carnivorous plants. It happens to everybody. Pop by the VFT forum and check out the questions and answers there. And also the new CP FAQs area.

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    Welcome aboard!

    I have moved your question to the VFT Forum.
    Is that a Nepenthes in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

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