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Thread: Red pirahna

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    isn't it Fine tooth X red with different teeth?
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    It is in effect a Red Dragon but with Dente style teeth. I don't know how it was bred, but possibly those two varieties were the parents. My photo was taken in June and it's now more red and also larger.
    Here's a photo from Rowan Begg:

    Fine Tooth x Red is a sawtooth crossed with some sort of red plant. It has nice scarlet traps and the teeth are more like extended triangles instead of the usual spines.

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    i have the fine tooth x red cross , does'nt look much like the dente , it just looks like a regular small vft with extra red . the creator of the red pirhana i forgot his name , but you can try to look thorugh the old topic in the trading post to find a topic about the red prihana , the creator , is also a member of the forum . good luck . i think his name was al read

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