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Thread: Will mother nature overfeed?

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    Happy Monday everyone...

    I leave my plants outside, and they seem to catch at least 1 fly everday. I have read in this forum that you should feed your traps 3-4 flys a month, but it is not neccessary. If mother nature does her thing... is that bad? If they were in their normal environment, wouldn't they be eating all the time?

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    megan in the wild they get insects my vft's are always getting flies most of the time they have
    almost all of their traps full I have 15 of them so I wouldn't worry to much about over feeding
    them just let them do their thing and they will be happy .

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    Hi Meagan

    Happy Monday to you too.

    Like Shaun, my VTFs are outside and at any given time, almost every trap is feeding on all 9 of them. As far as I'm concerned, they are doing what nature intended them to do in the wild so I don't worry about too much or too little food. I don't want to interfere with them. I want them to have as close to a normal, natural life as possible and that includes wind, rain, sun and hot/cold temps. They seem happy.

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