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Thread: lighting for mah babies!

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    old tangerine
    hey, i have some fly traps (common, dente, green dragon) and i want them to be very happy, i was wondering if it would be okay (good, bad) to use a reptile UV light for their lighting or if i should just use sunlight.. whatever works, lemme know!
    thanks ahead of time

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    A bright window works or if you want to use bulbs go with flourescent ones like Gro-Lux, Sunshine, or plant bulbs. It should say that its for growing plants( as opposed to displaying,cooking, ect) I wouldn't use a reptile UV light.

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    what about cool white flourescents?

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    Opinion on cool white varies. I prefer the bulbs in the orange tube sold at walmarts, others claim there is little difference.
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    old tangerine
    thanks a lot for the help

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