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Thread: Long petoiles?

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    Hi, I've had my VFT since last october, it is a green dragon and it is doing just great. It has baby traps and everything. But does anyone knows why it hasn't developed long petoiles? I would like to see its traps straight up in the air instead of hanging downward. I thought in spring this owuld happen.
    I live in the northwest where the weather never is too warm.

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    You may have a variety that doesn't form the long petioles or it may just need more time to produce them. Mine made them at the beginning of winter last year.

    This link gives more info on the why and when of leaf shapes and if you have time, go through the whole series of FAQs on this site to learn all sort of things about VFT's and other CPs.

    More on VFT leaves.
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