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Thread: Tennessee issues

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    I read on your sight that some states should have their vft's in full sun while others in partial sun. Well, i'm kinda in the middle ...How should i have it in Upper tennesse.

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    If I were you I would start out with Partial sun and then increase it an hour a day until it's getting full sun. I don't think the sun in Tenn. will be too strong for vfts.

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    what would the state have to do with anything?
    sun is sun..
    yes some states might have more intense sun (southern states) because the sun is higher in the sky.. but VFTs are native to the mid-south anyway, so they can probably take the sun anywhere in the world..

    I really dont think we need to start worrying about sun levels based on our latitude! that seems a bit extreme..and quite unnecessary..
    just stick your plant in the sun, wherever you are.
    it can take it.
    its not that complicated!

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    Stick them in the sun, but do it gradually. Putting them in sun without giving them a chance to toughen up risks burning the leaves.

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