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Thread: Venus fly trap not closing

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    Hybrid VTA
    I have had the plants for two months.
    I have never tried to feed them, there were no flies out.

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    If triggered enough times; artificially or otherwise; they eventually won't work. They get weaker with each trigger.

    Older traps lose their ability to close, as well.

    Some traps won't close after 1 meal.

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    Quote (schloaty @ April 22 2003,10:51)
    Also, to expand on what Vertigo and Maehem said, traps only close a few times before they cease to function (they may not actually die right away). The mechanism that closes a VFT trap is a sudden growth spurt in the cells that line the outside of the leaf. This causes the leaf to fold in on itself. To open back up, the cells on the inside of the leaf grow. And yes, this does mean that the traps grow a little with each meal (I haven't tried to measure ever, and I'm sure it's virtually undetectable to the human eye). Once the cells have maxed out in size, the leaf can no longer close, and becomes just a regular leaf (like on a non-carnivore) that is capable of photosynethis, but not trapping.[/QUOTE]
    WOW!!!! I never knew that, schloaty!! You learn something new every day.
    "Without carnivores, our planet would be over run with creepy crawlers and very hungry fuzzy things." - Cougarmint, 2003.

    By the way.... I'm a girl!

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