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Thread: Any hot gowing tips for vft bulbs

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    I saw that EG sells a hormone treatment for CP. Is this any good for vft or any particular variety of vft? Should I first grow them in a covered container to get them going?
    Thanks for any help.

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    you talking about superthrive?

    Some swear by it, some say it's worthless...

    I believe it helps my plants to be watered by it once every month or two, I am not religious about it. However, there is a danger in over using it, it can make a plant invest to much energy in it's roots, and not enough in it's leaves, and that can be a deal breaker for the plant. (i.e. not good.)

    I do fertilize lightly with epiphytes delight on all my plants except for sundews and butterworts, neps, sars, and flytraps get it. And guess, what, it's one of those products phil hasn't got up on the site yet but you can buy if you call it's great stuff (designed originally for tillandsia.)
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