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Thread: Vfts and humidity

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    I have VFT's on deck rail outside and when it was like 3% humidity out i placed them in a tray of rain water and they perked up .. I left them in it and they are doing quite fine now.
    In a glass bowel ( those round ones with a circle on top) they heated to much and my babies didn't like the heatup to much..
    Becareful in the sun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEAT KILLS

    Just my two cents ( Smile)

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    I live in South Carolina where, according to the weather channel's website, the humidity is at 100% most of the day. Should I still leave my baby with a tray of water? I have it on the railing on my porch so the full sun doesn't hit it all day long. So far, so good! (I just got it from this site a few days ago). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Yes do have a tray of water(not for humidity ). Keep the level in the tray low though,1cm is good. Let it dry out before refilling.
    VFT's to offer here===>

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