I found out what it is flytraps really like! Small crickets from thet pet store. I fed about 4 to each plant, and the traps have doubled in size since if you compare the new traps to the old ones. A couple of my green dragon traps are pushing 2 inshes, and are still developing so they will get beyond 2. I am really amazed at this, I've fed them lots of other things and gotten a growth spurt, but this is an explosion, in 2 weeks I have gotten almost 3 of those huge traps(the third is still unfolding). Everyone should try this. Just make sure to put the crickets in the freezer for like 30 seconds, but not too much longer. This slows them down to almost comatose, so it's easy to pick them up with tweezers and feed to plant, make the traps close, then as they wake up they stimulate the trap more and get eaten.