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Thread: Transplanting-

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    Ooohhh, good question! I'd like to see that too. Where can you buy this stuff? I would assume the internet, but would a specialty flower shop have it?

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    Your questions were kind of answered but I am going to chime in again

    "peat" is sphagnum peat moss, you can find this in most any garden center. It is usually kind of dry when you buy it and should appear light and fluffy, almost like saw dust, and be a chocolate brown in colour.

    Your "better than silica" sand is a definite no-no. Reptile sands now-a-days are designed to be compatable with reptile digestive tracks. Silica sands tend to lead to gut impaction so non-silica sands are better for them. They are also laced with calcium which is lethal to CPs. A good check for if a sand is safe is to drop a little vinegar on it, if it fizzes it is no good.

    As was pointed out, sheet moss is lethal to CPs so do not use it.

    If you are not going to re-pot then your set up is just fine. I was a little unclear with my wording about putting the peat:sand mix around the plant. If you pull the soil out of a 3" pot and then drop the whole thing in say a 5" pot, there will be a significant amount of empty space in the new pot. This is the space I was saying to fill with the new soil Does that make better sense?

    If you are just transfering your plant into a bigger jar there is nothing extra that you need to do.


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