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Thread: My wife is killing my VFT!

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    I recently purchased a VFT from the reknowed CP vendors Home Depot. Kind of amazed that they had a flytrap there I decided to have a crack at it again. Last time I had one was when i was a young strappling.
    I've been reading all of the helpful hints on this site and has been the best source for info!! Thanks for all the input and continued support to newbees like me.
    My VFT came in a somewhat small pot yet large enough to last until after hybernation.
    I live in Portland, Oregon where it seems to be cold and rainy most of the time. In an environment like this, is it wise to plant my VFT, named 'Snappy', outside? Or would it be best to keep Snappy inside? Generally the humidity inside is about 40- 50% and about 75degF. If inside, should I put the VFT in another terrarium where I can regulate humidity?
    Any input would be wonderful!!!

    ~Ian aka AnalogKid
    'That synthesizer guru'

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    i don't think that humidity, or lack thereof, is your biggest enemy. it has been stated on here that proper lighting is much more important than the humidity level.

    since it's "cold and rainy most of the time" i would grow your vft indoors, using artificial lighting (a mix cool white and warm white flouresent bulbs). set your vft in a tray with an inch of water in it, usin ONLY distilled, reverse osmosis, or rain water.
    if it's raining all the time, why not put a container in the yard and collect some of that rain water?

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    Hehe, snappy, i name all mine Traps1,2,3,4 and so on. I think today i just woke up a few hours ago and every morning i go and count, today i might have a possible 122 non testing VFT's and pitcher plants and all that crud, and 56 testers.
    Oh, so this is how you make a signature.

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    what are testing and non-testing VFTs?

    Are you running some kind of an experiment?

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